Cookie Policy

The information below, relating to the use of cookies on this website, is made in implementation of the Guidelines of the European Data Protection Board 05/2020 and those of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 10 December 2020 as well as art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016. and in consideration of the Guidelines for cookies and other tracking tools - 10 June 2021 (Published in the Official Gazette No. 163 of 9 July 2021).

It should be noted that all other information required by art. 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 are contained in the Privacy Policy, available via the link on all pages of the site, at the foot of the page.

Furthermore, this site uses only technical cookies, so according to the aforementioned Guidelines of 10 June 2021:

In the event that the only presence of technical cookies or other similar tools is foreseen, information about them may be given on the homepage or in the general information without the need to show specific banners to be removed by the user.

 What you are reading is the Cookie Policy of this site, version 1.0.0 of 12/02/2022


What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file released from the web site in the hard disk of your computer/device. The use of cookies by this website as well as by other third parties, if not explicitly stated otherwise, aims at identifying the User and recording information about his visit, such as language and preferred options, with the sole aim of performing the service required.

On this website the use of cookies allows us to improve your experience on the website pages.

Thanks to cookies the site can adapt to the different preferences of the users in different ways, for instance: 

·      showing important navigation settings to the user

·      allowing you to create your own account on the site

·      remembering the user's preferences and settings on the site

·      enhancing the user experience of navigation in general. 

Existing types of cookies

Technical cookies

These cookies ensure the correct work of specific sections of the site and can be sorted into two different categories as follows:

·      Session cookies, which are erased as you close your internet browser

·      Persistent cookies, which remain on your hard drive until they expire

Technical cookies are necessary to enable the correct operation of the site, as well as the application of the services offered by the site.

Technical cookies has therefore the sole purpose of ensuring communication between the user and the site, in order to guarantee the high quality of our services and the correct display of the web pages.

This website’s technical cookies allow registered users to access to restricted areas and registration on the website.

However, all the information collected by these cookies cannot be used for commercial purposes or disclosed to third parties.

As a result technical cookies will always be in use on this site being installed on your device, unless you do not explicitly deny the use of cookies via your browser’s settings. Please note that to do so will impeach the correct operation of the site as well as the correct display of the website pages.   

Analytical cookies

The website manager uses these cookies to gather aggregated data about the number of users and towards the user’s behaviour on the site. These data are anonymous and are treated in statistical analysis with the sole aim of improving users’ experience and adapting the content to the user’s wishes in the best way. These cookies show how users have been redirected on the site. This type of cookies are sent from the site itself.  

Third-party analytical cookies

These cookies are meant to gather information to analyse how the users behave on the. In order to do so, these cookies run statistical analysis on figures such as views, time spent per page, geographical origin and others. These cookies are not sent by our site, but rather by external third parties. For instance, Google Analytics cookies are included in this category. Google Analytics cookies do not gather anonymous data only. This depends on the settings of the website and the service offered. 

Third-party cookies

These cookies aim at activating services developed by third parties. For instance the "social plugins" enable users to share website content on social networks via buttons and icons and to use third party services such as Google maps. These cookies are sent from third-party domains that provide those services on our website.

Social networks plugins as well as other plugins involve the transmission of cookies to and from third-party website. For any information on how data are handled by third parties please refer to their cookie policy information documents. You will be able to find more information about third-party services as well as their cookie policy at the bottom of that page. 

Targeting cookies

Those cookies are the more troubling for the users’ privacy. As reported on the Data Protection Authority website they are meant to target users while browsing and to study their actions and consumption habits. One of the purposes of those cookies consists of sending personalized advertising and services (Behavioural Advertising). As a result you may find banner or ads related to your latest web search or to the last online purchase you made on your social network’s homepage. This happens because web sites recognize your device (smartphone, tablet, PC..) and send to you promotional messages based on your previous research and your use of the Internet.

However this site does not use targeting cookies.

Which cookies are used on our website and how to disable cookies 

·      Targeting cookies

None targeting cookies are used on this site

·      Technical cookies

This site uses technical cookies. In compliance with existing rules, user’s consent is not required for technical cookies as those are necessary to provide the services requested. However, you can always block cookies through the settings of your browser. Please note that to do so will compromise the correct display of the website pages will prevent you from using various features of this site.

·      Third-party analytical cookies

This website uses does not use analitycal cookies.

·      Third-party technical cookies

This site does not uses Third-party technical cookies.


How to deactivate cookies through the settings of your browser

For more information towards cookies and to know more about how to deactivate them, please check the service providers’ websites reported in the list below:


Cookie list

Here is a list of some of the cookies used by this website 

List of cookies used by this web site
Nome del cookie Domain Type and duration Description
DrupalModuleFilter tecnico (persistent: 7 days) The Drupal CMS sets these cookies to store user interface preferences.
Drupal_l10n_client Technical (persistent: 7 days) Installed by a module to facilitate translations on multilingual sites (Only for authenticated users).
Drupal.tableDrag.showWeight Technical (persistent- one year  from the first installation) Only for registered users. It is set when using pages where information is displayed with tables and tabs to allow proper sorting.
SSESS35a0d965915abc9c1d07ac19bba55f14 (o simile) Technical (session cookie) Consente al sito di ricordare durante la navigazione i dati dell'utente che ha effettuato il login